Woodwind Studio

This web site contains information about Beth Purkhiser and her woodwind studio. Visit for help with choosing equipment, performance and practice techniques, and to contact Beth concerning lessons at her studio in Lafayette, Indiana.


Korg MA-30

The metronome and tuner are both extremely helpful tools for the developing musician. For those of you who might not know what these are, the metronome provides a steady beat and the tuner displays exactly what your intonation for each note is. It will tell you if you are flat or sharp and by how much so you can learn to correct these intonation problems. Although the tuner is used more often by the advanced player, it can be extremely helpful for the beginner to learn to hold a tone steady and correctly. I am providing an online metronome so those who don’t own one can still have access to one. Of course, there are obviously advantages to owning your own portable metronome. Neither of these items is very expensive.