Woodwind Studio

This web site contains information about Beth Purkhiser and her woodwind studio. Visit for help with choosing equipment, performance and practice techniques, and to contact Beth concerning lessons at her studio in Lafayette, Indiana.

Where to Buy

Before you go out to spend money on something for your instrument, check here for guidelines and suggestions. Sadly, Weast Music has closed their doors. What to do? What to do? Well, you can trot yourself down to Klaverenga’s where some of the slack has been taken up. You can still buy some of the more normal accessories there such as reeds and neck straps and the like. Marla’s Music is stocking the music Weast used to carry and will also be carrying reeds. Other options include online ordering, which is mostly what I do myself. I am providing links to the stores I most commonly use…

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If you do want to simply place a shipping order, you can check both stores out to compare prices. One will often have a slightly better deal than the other.